Services - Association Management

Association management is a distinct field of management because of the unique environment of associations. Associations are unique in that the "owners" are dues-paying members. Members also govern their association through an elected Board or other governing body, along with association committees, commissions, special interest groups, and other units. Typically, the Board selects, retains and evaluates a chief executive officer or an executive director who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association and any paid staff.

Managers within the association environment are responsible for many of the same tasks that are found in other organisational contexts. These include corporate governance human resource management, financial management, meeting management, IT management, and project management.

RGC provides management and specialised administrative services to non-profit trade associations and other professional associations, which includes:

  • Financial management - preparing member invoices and payment of receipts and preparation of reports for the Treasurer and Board, and for formal accounting procedures;
  • Corporate governance and legal obligations to lay out expectations for fiduciary oversight and point out conflicts of interest;
  • Strategic planning, marketing and communication services;
  • Managing social media to promote and enhance the awareness and understanding of the client association;
  • Publishing and delivering textual or audio-visual content;
  • Public affairs and lobbying on behalf of the client association at a local, national, European, and international level to establish precedents; provide good practice and industry insights;
  • Membership development, including facilitating interaction and collaborative file sharing between members and organising events;
  • Storing and editing member information in a database, meeting GDPR obligations; and
  • Tracking members' interests and activity to provide relevant services.